Please note:

NONE of our products are suitable for children under the age of5 years old

About the Staff

Our sales manager - Grim - is a very quiet chap, but has a unique sales pitch! Grim says he "likes children - but he couldn't eat a whole one!" - nice chap is our Grim.


Mitzi Rat would be excellent at stock control, if she'd just stop eating the product! (or my toast!) Mitzi loves company and would love to hear from you - e-mail me.

Rambina Bear is the toughest bear I've ever met, even if she does look cute. She's the one that took the chunk out of Tough Ted's ear!

Rambina does love kids though, so all the kids can e-mail her and expect a reply (which is more than can be said for Grim!)

The Crypt Keeper


Annie with Gilbert (don't ask!)

Annie's supposed to keep us all in line, but when she's not playing with the dice she's too busy playing with the Dragons!


New to the crew - here's:


Just don't let him start the charm of making on you!

Seldom seen, except on very special occasions!

Merls the diceman



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