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Grim on Tour - Over 10 years of Reapers Revenge!

Future conventions and shows being attended by Reapers Revenge, the retail outlet of The Tintagel Dice Company Limited:


Good luck with the Student Nationals - Hug-a-Bug - Bradford - 6-8th April 2018, unfortuantely we won't be attending this year.

Con-Troll - 28th April 2018

Continuum - 20-23rd July 2018

if you would like Tintagel Dice to trade at your convention, contact Grim using the Contact Form.

Previous shows & conventions we've attended:

2018: Contigency - Jan 2018

2017: DragonMeet, Dragondaze, UK Games Expo, Con-Troll, Student Nationals - Nottingham, Conception (cancelled by the holiday park, not the organisers!), Contigency

2016: Dragonmeet, WynterCon, OddCon, Continuum, ConTroll - Dorchester, The Student Nationals - Manchester, Conception

2015: IndieCon, WynterCon, OddCon, The Student Nationals - Leicester, ConTroll, Conception

2014: IndieCon, WynterCon, OddCon, Continuum, ConTroll, The Student Nationals - Leicester, Conception

2013: Consequences, IndieCon, OddCon, The Student Nationals - Sheffield, Conception

2012: Consequences, IndieCon, OddCon, Continuum. The Student Nationals - Cardiff, Concrete Cow 12, Conception.

2011:Consequences, IndieCon, OddCon, Consternation II, PaizoCon, The Student Nationals - Sheffield, Concrete Cow 11, Conception

2010: Consequences, IndieCon, OddCon, Furnace, Concrete Cow 10.1/2, Continuum, The Student Nationals - Edinburgh, Concrete Cow 10, Conception.

2009: Consequences, Indie Con, OddCon, Gamesfest, Furnace, Concrete Cow 9.1/2, Constitution, Dragonmeet S/W, The Student Nationals - Manchester, Concrete Cow 09, ConceptionX.

2008: Consequences, Indie Con, OddCon, Continuum, Conception

2007: Consequences, OddCon, GenCon, Recombination, Ludicrus, Game 07, Excaliber, Conception

2006: Excaliber2, Continuum, Stab, Excaliber, Conception

2005: Consternation, Excaliber (our first show as Reapers Revenge!)

Prior to this we'd been known as BPWT selling wood turned items to wargamers & figure painters.





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