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iIUnless specifically requested, Grim will recycle all plastic dice containers for orders placed on this web site. This will help the planet and keep postage costs to a minimum!

Grim will also recycle dice containers at any of the conventions we're attending, if you cant see Grim's re-cycle bin ask a member of staff to take care of it!

Please note:

NONE of our products are suitable for children under the age of 5 years old



Welcome to Reapers Revenge

Home of Bob & Annie the Dice Couple!

and a retail outlet of the:Tintagel Dice Company Limited

Remember to regularly check your emails when you've placed an order in case we need to contact you about it! (you may also find it helpful to add * & * to your white lists!)

Thank you Continuum!!! We had an AWESOME last convention with you!


Koplow Glitter Dice Sale!

20% off our normal prices

Limited time offer.

Koplow Sparkle

Set contains 1d20, 1d12, 1d%, 1d10, 1d8, 1d6 & 1d4

Limited closing stock, so be quick or be disappointed!

Remember, ALL dice sets are removed from the original packaging for recycling and to keep postage costs down!

Glitter Polyhedral set - Black £4.00 Add to cart
Glitter Polyhedral set - Blue £4.00 Add to cart
Glitter Polyhedral set - Green £4.00 Add to cart
Glitter Polyhedral set - Purple (looks more deep Red!) £4.00 Add to cart
Glitter Polyhedral set - Clear (Silver) £4.00 Add to cart
Glitter Polyhedral set - Yellow (close to orange) £4.00 Add to cart
Transparent Polyhedral set - Yellow £4.00 Add to cart


Getting closer to our closingdate , so best be quick, special offers on this page are short term!

Stocks of our Chessex dice are now starting to run low, and we'll be closing the website at the end of August, so get your orders in quickly! If we're showing it on the website it is in stock, but, we may only have one set left so best be quick! �

If you're a regular visitor/customer with us online, please make sure you refresh your pages when viewing. Some web software keeps a cache of our site which may be out of date, so please make sure you're viewing the latest version of our pages by clicking the refresh button (especially on the mini's page, which is our most popular product).


Our Pewter dice are now available on line, see our metal dice page, they are hand finished to order so please allow 3-5 days for despatch!


Pewter Polyhedral set

NEON D6 - Pink
Add to cart
NEON D6 - Green
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NEON D6 - Orange
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NEON D6 - Yellow
Add to cart

The injection moulding tool used for manufacturing the Neon Dice and the Aromatic dice, including the Merlz custom dice is available for sale. If interested, please contact us by email. This tool has been designed and built to enable any face to be changed to a custom logo or design.


TDCL Dice Rolling Trays

Our hand washable, collapsible, dice rolling trays are now back in stock! The perfect gift to stop excited dice jumping off the table! (pattern courtesy of Bedlamites Boutique)

Dice Rolling Tray

Dice Rolling Tray - Blue
Add to cart
Dice Rolling Tray - Black £12.00 Add to cart
Dice Rolling Tray - Red £12.00 Add to cart
Colours Flat
Colour choice - Red, Black, or Blue Dice tray shown flat for transport/storage
Rolling Tray insets Rolling Tray all rolled up
Slide out inserts removed for washing With inserts removed & rolled inside for transport in alternative gaming accessories.

A new dimension to dice!

Our new Aromatic precision edged D6 are now available to bring a freshness to your dice bag! The perfect present for the gamer with everything else!

Aromatic Spot D6 "Fresh Linen" scent

Add to cart
Merlz Magic D6 (Aromatic Prototypes) for the Grim's Gangs RPG £1.00 Add to cart

TDCL Announcement
During October 2017 it was decided to close TDCL in 2018.
We will cease trading on 30th September 2018.
Bob & Annie will be trading at DragonDaze under the Grim’s Gangs banner to promote the RPG and will be selling any dice stock we have left, but we will not be re-stocking any more products before the company closes.
Annie & Bob would like to thank all of our Suppliers, the convention organisers where we have traded, and most importantly, ALL of our CUSTOMERS throughout the years of both TDCL & Reapers Revenge for your support!
We’ve had a great time, but now we are moving forward with changes in our life plans.

The kickstarter wall of fame for the Pewter dice will be moved to the Grim's Gangs site when it is built, in the mean time it is still here:


If you use a gmail, hotmail, or similar email addresses to contact us, or on your orders, please check for replies regularly. If you use a standard url email like our, we will NOT send you any spam or contact you about anything other than to answer your question - WE PROMISE!!!

Where possible, our web site prices are still the same as our trade stall prices with the exception of some of the larger items which have heavy postal costs from Royal Mail.

Also, please remember to specify on your order form if you want the original packaging, otherwise Grim will automatically recycle it for you.

Don't forget, you've only ordered from Reapers Revenge if the Pay Pal payment is to

UK carriage is only £2.00! EU carriage is £3.50,and the rest of the world carriage is £5.00 These charges are added at the shopping cart, with international options for recorded delivery.


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